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Benefits of the 12-Step Program For Addiction

Historically, the 12 step program for addiction, whether it is alcohol or drug addiction, has been a successful method of recovery from substance abuse for many people. One reason why it’s useful is because it’s usually free; donations often support 12 step programs. Another reason why the 12 step program for addiction is effective is because of the sponsorship it offers. The 12 step program for addiction creates a connection between the person seeking recovery and a sponsor. A sponsor is someone who has worked through the program steps and has remained sober or drug-free for at least five years.

12step support groups are known for the vast community network of support that it offers to those who take part in it. Participants may attend meetings when needed and have people they can call when challenges or difficulties arise. The 12 step program for addiction encourages the kind of introspection that is necessary to heal the internal issues that many people have that led them to drug or alcohol addiction.

More Than One Kind of Addiction

When people hear about the 12 step program for addiction, they are often not aware that this program may apply to other addictions besides drug and alcohol addiction. However, 12 step programs are used for many different types of addictions, as the 12 step process can be applied in many different situations. For example, there are now 12 step programs for those who overeat, for those who overspend and get into debt, for those who are addicted to gambling, to sex, or co-dependent relationships.

The reason why the 12 step program can be applied to different situations is that its principles are sound and are based upon the characteristics of addictions in general. A person who is addicted to gambling may experience triggers that make him want to gamble again just as a former alcoholic may experience triggers that make him want to relapse and take a drink. To recover, both the gambler and the drinker must realize that gambling and drinking have taken control of their lives and that the 12 step process must be used to regain this control.

12 Step Support Groups

12-step support groups are an essential part of the 12 step program and are an incredible asset to those who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. Even if the patient relocates or travels for business or pleasure, these groups are available all over the United States and even around the world so that it’s always possible to visit one on a drop-in basis when needed. 12 step support groups are also available to those who have dealt with alcoholic or drug-addicted patients, like the families, significant others, children, or friends. Maintaining connections with others who have struggled with addictions is an essential part of recovery, and the 12 step support groups make this easier.

Alternatives to the 12 Step Program

As useful as the 12 step program usually is, it is not the right choice for everyone. Some addicts may benefit more from alternative programs that have recently evolved for the treatment of various addictions. For those who are atheists or who are uncomfortable with any notion of spirituality or a “higher being” in charge, there are programs like Refuge Recovery, which is based upon teachings of Buddhism. Buddhism is not a religion or faith in a higher power, but it instead is a philosophy based upon the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama. There is also the SMART Recovery program, which is not based upon a sense of powerlessness over one’s addiction as in the 12 step program. Instead, the SMART Recovery program uses cognitive-behavioral techniques to teach self-reliance in recovery.

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