Signs of Gambling Addiction

Approximately 2.5 million Americans suffer from compulsive gambling, and the gambling issue in the United States is growing with the legalization of gambling in 48 states plus the District of Columbia. People lose millions of dollars every year from gambling. Whether you are dealing with moderate gambling or gambling frequently, you may wonder how to identify the signs of gambling addiction. 

What is a Gambling Addiction? 

Many people used to think that you could only get addicted to substances such as drugs and alcohol, but now those in the medical field understand the brain can be stimulated through things other than just chemical substances. Activities and actions can trigger the reward and pleasure areas of the brain, thereby leading to a craving for the activity. This is what occurs with gambling. When people first engage in gambling, it may not trigger all the pleasure sensors, but in time it does. 

What are the Signs?

The signs of gambling addiction are broad and range from the physical to the emotional and mental. In fact, gambling addiction may affect how you relate to others in whom you are close. When gambling becomes an addiction, it interferes with your whole life because it consumes your thoughts and desires. Getting more money or time to gamble becomes the one driving force in your life. Obviously, this will push out other things and people around you. These are just some signs of gambling addiction. Some people also have physical symptoms of a gambling addiction too, such as headaches and intestinal issues.  As the problem of gambling progresses, you will notice a few of these signs of gambling addiction: 

  • Spending much of your time planning on gambling or actually gambling 
  • Borrowing money to be able to gamble because you have spent so much already 
  • Always thinking the next game will be the winning one 
  • Trying to “fix” your losses by gambling some more 
  • Hiding your problem from others 
  • Feeling ashamed about your actions 

Gambling addiction is a real problem that millions of people face, but there is a way out. 

Help for Gambling Addiction

Welcome to Promises Treatment Center where we can walk with you through the difficulties of gambling addiction. Our gambling addiction treatment center is equipped to manage these types of problems, and we do so by treating each person with dignity and respect.  At our facility, you will find a compassionate team of workers who are equipped to ensuring you have a healthy future. As a result, we offer many therapy and treatment plans that are helpful for those who struggle with gambling addiction. Some of the therapies that we provide include: 

 Don’t let gambling addiction ruin your life. Get help before your addiction begins to affect those around you. Now that you know the signs of gambling addiction, you can overcome your problem by participating in a quality rehab program. Contact us at 844.875.5609, and we will get you on the road to recovery. 

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