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Anxiety Treatment and COVID-19

Anxiety disorders affect millions of people across the U.S. Experiencing anxiety in this uncertain time, when coronavirus continues to spread around the country, potentially results in worsening anxiety among people with an anxiety disorder. Professionals are also seeing new cases of individuals with anxiety, leading to more people needing individualized anxiety treatment. 

You do not have to let anxiety control your life. Anxiety disorders are real, and so are the benefits of receiving anxiety treatment. Learn about anxiety occurring during these times of coping with the pandemic known as COVID-19, or coronavirus. Discover how to manage your symptoms, and to get the help that you need with anxiety treatment. 

Anxiety and the Coronavirus 

Anxiety affects everyone at one time or another during their lifetime. Some people experience a situation that leads to temporary anxiety that goes away once the situation no longer exists, or is under control. 

A psychologist that authored an article for PsychCentral indicates that anxiety becomes an anxiety disorder when the symptoms interfere with normal activities and a person’s normal ability to function after the development of the symptoms.  The article lists some generalized anxiety disorder symptoms, which include: 

  • Inability to relax 
  • Constant worry 
  • Confusion or fear 
  • Physical weakness 

Do these symptoms describe how you feel since the COVID-19 outbreak started affecting people in the U.S.? Do you experience other symptoms, such as an upset stomach, difficulty concentrating, or muscle tension? Chances are that you may have an anxiety disorder. 

One issue that therapists, psychologists, and other professionals are telling media sources is that they are seeing a considerable increase in the number of people exhibiting anxiety disorder symptoms. Some other symptoms that professionals see in individuals are physical symptoms such as sweaty palms, increased blood pressure, dizziness, or palpitations.  

Individuals with symptoms such as these first need to undergo an assessment. Treatment professionals administer a comprehensive assessment that helps determine your treatment needs. You are not alone if you have symptoms because of coronavirus fears and anxiety.  

Factors that Possibly Contribute to Anxiety Because of Coronavirus 

The fear of getting coronavirus is enough to make anyone anxious. There are factors that potentially amplify symptoms in those that already have an anxiety disorder. These same factors sometimes lead to anxiety disorder, substance abuse, or other issues among people that never experienced severe anxiety prior to the coronavirus. 

The fear of getting coronavirus yourself, or that a loved one may contract the devastating virus possibly leads to a panic disorder. Feeling the constant worry because there are so many sources saying different things about what people should do or not do is another possible factor that contributes to anxiety. 

Social distancing, isolation, orders to stay at home, and potential quarantines carry the possibility of developing phobias. You or your loved one possibly experiences agoraphobia during the COVID-19 pandemic.   

The symptoms are debilitating for some people, yet many individuals do not receive anxiety treatment that would likely help them cope with their symptoms. 

The Importance of Anxiety Disorder Treatment 

There are some tips for coping with anxiety at home. Things like

  • Taking time for relaxation
  • Staying connected by phone or social media
  • Limiting the number of coronavirus reports that you listen to
  • Making sure that you still get some physical activity
  • Staying away from drugs and alcohol so you don’t develop an addiction

Getting help for an anxiety disorder requires the development of a treatment plan based on your assessment. That plan focuses on your unique treatment needs. The experienced staff help you through your treatment program. They can also help you learn to manage your symptoms and learn to cope during the coronavirus pandemic. 

A doctor that wrote as a contributor to Harvard Health Publishing pointed out that we are all in this together.

Do not let anxiety control your life. Reach out right now and take the first step towards getting anxiety treatment. Contact Promises Behavioral Health at 844.875.5609 today.

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