Choosing the Right Treatment Center

Choosing the right treatment center is crucially important to getting well if you struggle with drug addiction. You have a lot of options, and knowing which type of treatment is right for you is not necessarily obvious. You need to understand your options, what they mean and what kind of person is best suited to each. As you sort through the choices, make sure you have someone you trust by your side to help you.

Residential Treatment

If you have chosen residential care for your addiction treatment, you are committed to getting well. Residential facilities provide the most intensive kind of treatment and are often best equipped to help those patients with the most serious cases of addiction. You would choose residential drug treatment if you are serious about getting better, but also if you know that only this high level of care will be enough to help you. You know that staying at home with the possibility of being tempted to use again is not a valid option. A stay at a residential facility may last from several weeks to several months. The longer you stay, the better your chances of avoiding relapse once you return home.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Choosing outpatient treatment doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t committed to being well. There are intensive outpatient programs that provide several hours of care per week or even every day. If you choose this option, it may mean that you have a loving and supportive family at home to help you stay on track or that you have a job or schoolwork that you would like to keep up with while receiving treatment. These programs are often flexible and allow you to maintain your commitments while getting care.

Individual Counseling

Individual drug counseling is another type of outpatient care, but it is less intensive. You and your counselor decide how many hours per week you need to attend. This is an option you might choose if you feel fairly strong in your newfound sobriety. If you feel like you can handle your normal routine with just an hour or two of counseling each week and still resist cravings and urges to relapse, this is a good choice for you. This type of treatment is also more cost-effective if you struggle to pay for intensive or residential treatment.

Support Groups

Choosing a support group as your main or only source of treatment may mean that you feel comfortable in a group setting. It may also mean that you value and take strength from the support of your peers. A support group can be a great tool for sobriety. For some people, it is all that is needed to stay sober. Be careful if you choose to only join a support group. It may not be enough to keep you sober or to help you cope with underlying reasons for your addiction. Support groups are best used as a supplement or a type of aftercare following more intensive treatment.

Sober Living

A sober living house is usually used after residential treatment. It acts as a transition between the complete supervision of rehab and going back into the real world. If you choose to use a sober living house after treatment, it means you are fully committed to avoiding relapse and working toward living a drug-free life again. Whatever type of treatment you choose for addiction, the most important thing is that you choose something and that you get started right away. You will only get better if you get help and make a commitment to stop using. We encourage you to call Promises Treatment Centers today to ask the most important questions: How do you assess the issues that might be triggers for relapse when I return home? What sort of support do you offer upon leaving the program? Who handles my treatment?  Are they licensed clinicians and skilled addiction treatment specialists?  Will I be able to see a psychiatrist during my stay? Not every treatment center offers this level of expertise. Promises has been treating addiction for over 20 years. We have one of the most active and healthy alumni networks in the country.  Our alumni are the greatest testament to the success of our treatment program. If you are researching treatment centers, call us to find out why we continue to have the reputation of being the place to get the most effective addiction treatment in an environment that makes so many of our clients want to stay here even when the month is over.

Contact Promises Treatment Centers Today

It is never the wrong time to get help for an addiction. Choosing the right treatment center is important to get the best treatment. If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction, we have a program to help. Call 844.875.5609 to learn more about our addiction treatment programs.

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