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Family Therapy Activities

When addiction happens in the family, it affects every member, not just the addicted person. Family therapy activities may be essential in helping your entire family heal and grow together as you better understand addiction. In like manner, family therapy allows you to work out your issues as you support the person suffering from drug or alcohol addiction.

Family therapy activities offer healing and treatment for families through a family therapy program. A treatment center provides a safe neutral space for everyone in the family to learn how to adjusts to recovery and make positive steps toward changing the course of your family relationship.

The Impact of Drug or Alcohol Addiction on Your Family

There are several ways that drug or alcohol addiction can affect each member of your family such as:

Negative Feelings or Emotions

Your family may live under a ‘cloud’ of negative thoughts or feelings. There may be a feeling of hopelessness and despair in your home. Some of these feelings can result in guilt, anxiety, fear, or uncertainty. At times, your family may feel embarrassed by the addiction-related behavior.

Lack of Safety or Security

When addiction takes over the family environment, nothing ever feels safe or secure even after substance abuse treatment programs. In fact, family members may fear for their lives or worry about the future. In some cases, a family member’s life may be at risk. Rebuilding family relationships is crucial to addiction recovery.

Zero Responsibility or Accountability

The person suffering from addiction may abandon the family or have zero accountability. They may no longer contribute to the family, take care of the home, or be counted on to handle anything.


One of the first things to diminish during addiction is the ability to communicate feelings, thoughts, or even talk about day-to-day things. Eventually, everyone avoids the addicted person and starts communicating ‘around’ them.

Breakdown of All Boundaries or Structure

Eventually, the addicted person can create such chaos due to their actions being unpredictable. Everyone in the family may feel as though it is a free-for-all where each person goes into self-preservation. The family structure breaks down and no longer feels like a single unit.

Treatment Through Family Therapy Activities

When the entire family recognizes the need for involvement in addiction therapy programs, then growth and healing can begin. Family therapy activities include a wide range of treatments that your family can engage in, such as:

  • Individual counseling
  • Family discussions & group therapy
  • Role-playing activities
  • Behavior therapy
  • Reality-based therapy
  • Holistic therapy for families

The Benefits of Family Therapy Activities

When your entire family is centered on growing and finding the answers together, real recovery can happen. There are several benefits to family therapy activities, such as:

  • A support group for the addicted person
  • Learning more about what addiction is
  • A platform for all family members to talk, learn, and share
  • A safe environment for every member to express their feelings
  • An opportunity to address mental issues
  • A place for your family to reset and start a new path toward drawing closer again

When everyone gets involved in recovery, it improves the chances the addicted person will be successful to the very end. Furthermore, the family can choose what kinds of activities are best for them. By working with a therapist, the family can determine the past path to recovery for everyone involved.

Learn More About Family Therapy Activities Today

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