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Mentally Preparing to See Family Again

Since the onset of COVID-19, the world has changed—we’re far from the old “normal”—and after these years apart, mentally preparing to see family again will also look different. It is important to acknowledge this and recognize that people, perspectives and everyday life will not look the same. 

As lockdowns have eased and everyday life has resumed to something of a new normal, people realize that they have changed, the world around them has changed and their own perspectives have changed along with it. 

“We should be prepared for the fact that the end of lockdown might be as hard for us as the start was.”

Mental Health Foundation

As we approach the holiday season this year and people are mentally preparing to see family again, this may cause people to wonder how they will talk about themselves, the last two years of their life and how they’ve grown. Even just the thought of seeing family again may induce feelings of discomfort or stress. According to the Mental Health Foundation, “We should be prepared for the fact that the end of lockdown might be as hard for us as the start was.” With the holiday season still a couple of weeks away, this is a great time to plan and prepare. 

Since early 2020, life for everyone has changed in the most unprecedented ways, leaving many people with heightened anxiety and stress. As we are emerging into a new world, people have to learn how to navigate the changes in themselves and the world around them. This includes managing their mental health challenges and recovery. After years apart, the changes in people may be blatantly obvious. This may pose a difficulty for many families planning to get together during this holiday season. 

Today’s blog includes three tips to consider as you mentally prepare to see family again. 

#1 Mentally Prepare: Take things at your own pace

Give yourself time to process what this holiday season will look like for you. 

As we emerge into the post-pandemic world, most people will do so in different ways and at different paces. As you mentally prepare for the holiday season, recognize that this will be the case for yourself but also for your family. Fear and social anxiety may be the prominent feelings at hand. It is important to understand that these feelings are reasonable and normal. Give yourself time to adjust to the post-pandemic world slowly.

#2 Acknowledge the change

As you get together with friends and family after years apart, it is important to verbally acknowledge the changes and talk about the fact that things will most likely not be the same as before. While it is essential to recognize that some of these circumstances are out of your control, talking about them can decrease their ability to intimidate you. Instead of focusing on what you can’t control, it can be beneficial to try and focus on what you can. Embracing these changes can be a key to having a happy holiday season. It can also save you and your family from feelings of frustration and disappointment. 

#3 Seek mental health help

Everyone is recovering from the last two years in one way or another. Our experience may differ from person to person, but it is important to note that everyone has undergone this collective trauma which has caused changes in them as people. This pandemic has caused many around the world to struggle with stress, loneliness and anxiety. 

It is important to seek help when you feel overwhelmed. Studies show an immense need for early intervention mental health support to promote growth and recovery. You can also always reach out to Promises Behavioral Health to learn more about our treatment options and locations. No matter if it’s your mental health that concerns you or your reliance on substances. Our experienced and friendly team is waiting to help you through. Call us at 844 875 5609.

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