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mental illness

Overcoming Hopelessness in Depression

“Things will never get better.”  “I’m worthless.”  “I’ll never be happy.” If these statements sound familiar, you may be struggling with depression.  One of the most prevalent psychiatric disorders, depression afflicts nearly 7 million Americans annually. Almost one-third of these cases are classified as severe, and they are the ones in which feelings of hopelessness …

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Specific Phobias in Women

Specific phobia is a medical term used to describe a persistent, irrational fear-based reaction to things or situations that have a minor or nonexistent potential to cause harm. Various people can develop this type of response to almost anything. However, some phobic reactions occur much more frequently than others. Women and girls develop specific phobias …

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Schizoaffective Disorder in Women

Schizoaffective disorder is a psychiatric condition characterized by a set of symptoms that combines features of schizophrenia with features of depression, mania, or some other form of mood disorder. Compared to most other mental illnesses, doctors know relatively little about schizoaffective illness. This is true, in part, because of the complex combination of symptoms that …

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Mental Illness Statistics

Mental illness statistics show that tens of millions of Americans struggle with a mental health condition each year. In 2018, 19.1% of Americans struggled with mental health problems, while another 11.4 million Americans battled a serious illness. Mental health disorders can be difficult to live with, especially if you don’t receive treatment. While mental health …

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Brain Shrinkage Seen in Women With Late-Stage Bipolar Disorder

Recent findings from a team of American researchers point toward a telltale shrinkage in brain size in women who have late-stage bipolar I disorder. Current evidence indicates that the effects of various bipolar illnesses can grow substantially worse over time, and researchers note clear differences between early-stage cases of these illnesses and late-stage cases. In …

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How Men and Women Experience Depression Differently

Depression is a mental illness and a mood disorder. It goes beyond the usual feelings of sadness, which are mild and short-lived for most of us. Someone with depression feels hopeless and lifeless. They go through periods of depression that last for days, weeks or even months. The symptoms of the illness are often so …

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Panic Attacks Linked to Fear of Bright Daylight

A small study from the University of Siena in Italy suggests that photophobia—fear of bright light—is associated with panic disorder (PD). Certain features of panic disorder led the researchers to suspect that a fear of light might be connected to panic disorder. Exposure to fluorescent lights has been known to trigger panic attacks, and it …

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Should You Hide Your Mental Illness at Work?

If you have a mental illness, you’re far from alone. According to statistics from the National Institutes of Health, 26.2 percent of American adults, or one in four, have a diagnosable mental health condition. This means you are just one among nearly 58 million Americans struggling with mental illness. Statistically, you likely work with people …

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The Difficulties of Bipolar Mothers 

Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder affecting literally millions of Americans. Some of those struggling to overcome intense mood swings are brand new mothers. A study of women with various kinds of mental health disorders found that pregnant and post-partum moms with bipolar may have the toughest time of all. Researchers from Brown University conducted …

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