Anger Management

man with fists on table displaying physical signs of anger

Physical Signs of Anger

Everyone knows what the emotion of anger feels like, but did you know there are also physical warning signs of anger? It’s not always easy to recognize or deal with this emotion, but anger management therapy can help.  Anger is a negative state during which people have hostile thoughts and display maladaptive behaviors. They often …

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woman talking in therapy with others about anger management, impulsive aggression and anger disorders

Anger Management: Exploring Impulsive Aggression and Anger Disorders

It’s entirely natural to experience anger. In the same way that your immune system handles disease with unpleasant side effects, anger works in response to unsafe or enraging situations. Many people experience anger as a byproduct of the stressors of daily life, grief over past losses, or frustrations over health issues. They may have occasional …

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woman in white shirt wondering why she is always angry

Are You Always Angry and Irritable?

Most people see depression as constant sadness, lack of motivation, or apathy, never recognizing that being always angry and irritable are all telltale signs. These lesser-known symptoms of depression can stop people from realizing what’s happening. If you find that you’re always angry and irritable no matter what you do to soothe your mood, you …

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