How to Fill Your Time Sober in Quarantine

As we all struggle with the new normal that we must adapt to during this pandemic, that means coming to grips with shutdowns and social distancing. Those who are in recovery might be finding these uncertain times even more challenging. Not only do you have to adapt to these changes quickly, but it also means you must learn how to fill your time sober in quarantine. In this guide, we are outlining how to achieve that goal and prevent relapsing.

The Importance of Learning How to Fill Your Time Sober in Quarantine

As we endure this pandemic, people throughout the world are quarantined to their homes as a way of reducing or preventing the virus’s spread. It is not uncommon to feel restless and bored during these times. That is why it is so vital to learning how to fill your time sober in quarantine with exciting and interesting activities. If you keep your body and mind busy during these uncertain times, you are taking steps toward preventing relapse.

Common Relapse Triggers

In addition to learning how to fill your time sober in quarantine, you must also be able to identify and understand common relapse triggers. Examples include the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Chronic pain
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Financial insecurity
  • Loneliness or isolation
  • Strained relationships

Ideas for Activities to Fill Your Sober Time

Learning more about how to fill your time sober in quarantine means thinking about which activities are going to keep you interested and engaged. Here are some ideas:

Attend Virtual Support Group Meetings

Throughout the country, nearly all of the recovery meetings are undergoing a temporary suspension. However, there are still opportunities for attending these meetings online. Organizations that include Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous have addiction recovery meetings available over the phone or online.

Connect with Loved Ones and Friends

Has it been too long since the last time you sat down and had a conversation with a friend, family member, or someone with whom you live? While in quarantine, this is an excellent way to use your free time. Use video chat or phone calls to maintain connections with these individuals. If you live with someone whom you do not talk to very often, engage with them more frequently.

Get Fresh Air and Exercise

In many communities throughout the country, social distancing measures allow residents to go outside for fresh air and exercise. Use your free time to go for a walk, start a new exercise routine, or explore hiking trails. If you are used to getting exercise at the gym daily, find alternative workouts you can do outside.

Pick Up a Book

Are you the type who continually says they are too tired to read? Do you have a pile of books that you have meant to read, but the time was not available? Learning how to fill your time sober in quarantine can include catching up on these books, as well as reading other material from which you can learn new things.

Self-Care Activities

We all have busy lives, and, as a result, self-care takes the backburner. That does not have to be what happens during the quarantine. Instead of neglecting yourself emotionally, mentally, and physically, consider the following ideas:

  • Completing a puzzle
  • Giving yourself a manicure and (or) pedicure
  • Cook new meals you have always wanted to try
  • Start writing in a journal or diary
  • Give yourself a bubble bath, complete with candles and a good book
  • Create a living room workout routine

Reach Out Promises Treatment Centers for Help Today

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