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9 Crises That Often Lead to Recovery

A young man who entered recovery of his own volition shared that he sought crisis intervention because, “I just felt like something bad was going to happen soon.” Fortunately, he followed the sense of impending doom and found his way into treatment. Sometimes it happens that way. There is an epiphany, a moment of clarity,…

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Schizophrenia in Men

Anyone who enters a men’s treatment center seeking help for schizophrenia faces an uphill battle. Schizophrenia turns order into chaos and leaves victims adrift at sea with no anchor in reality. This insidious condition disorders lives in every way imaginable and men who suffer from it have no idea what’s coming from one day to…

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Panic Disorders in Men

Men and women experience substance abuse and mental health conditions differently, which is why many men’s treatment centers are opening around the country. Men’s treatment centers can provide specialized care for experiences that are unique to men and boys. Here’s what you need to know about how panic disorders affect men differently than women. What…

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Sex Addiction in Men

In today’s society, participating in sexual gratification is widely available and accepted. But when a man is compelled to continually give in to sexual impulses and to treat sex as a method of escaping from the stress of life, he may have a problem with sex addiction. Like other forms of addiction, sex addiction can…

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Men

Anyone exposed to a highly traumatic situation with the potential to cause injury or death can develop diagnosable symptoms of the mental health condition called post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. However, for a number of reasons, men have PTSD risks that differ from those found in women. In addition, men who develop the disorder can…