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Difference Between Opiate and Opioid

What is the difference between opiate and opioid? The simple explanation for what the difference is that one is derived directly from opium, while the other is synthetic. The opioid epidemic has led to a record-breaking number of fatal overdoses and a heightened concentration on how to treat these addictions. Overall, 2.1 million Americans suffered …

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What is the Opiates Definition?

If you have been prescribed pain medication, then it may be an opiate or opioid medication. The difference between the two is subtle, and often doctors use the terms synonymously. Yet, there are some important differences. Let’s take a look at the definition of opiate. What is the Opiates Definition? We define opiates as a …

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Opiates Definition

The opiates’ definition is any naturally occurring or lab-produced medication made from opium. Opiates can include both prescription medications, like oxycodone and OxyContin, and illicit narcotics, like heroin. The opiate epidemic has led to fatal heroin overdoses quadrupling since 2010, with two-thirds of all fatal overdoses in 2016 alone involving opiates. In 2017, a record-setting …

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Physical Dependence

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Substance abuse disorders are common in the United States, impacting 19.3 million Americans annually. The stages of addiction can progress rapidly from your first use to physical dependence. Since addiction is a chronic mental health disease, symptoms gradually worsen over time. Occasional and recreational use can transition into abuse and physical dependence, sometimes in as …

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Rehab Centers Near Me

Although addiction is an incurable condition, treatment makes a recovery possible, no matter what stage of addiction you are trapped in. While treatment is essential to recovery, less than half of those who have a substance abuse disorder ultimately receive help. If you are searching “rehab centers near me,” chances are you’re ready to take …

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Psychological Dependence

Drugs, alcohol, and even behaviors can cause psychological dependence. Psychological dependence requires treatment because of the way your brain’s pleasure and reward center changes during addiction. It is very difficult to recover from psychological dependence without help. If you are struggling with a substance abuse disorder, addiction, or drinking problem, you are far from alone. …

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Sober Holidays

With winter quickly approaching, the holiday season is in full swing. Holidays are a chance to connect with family and loved ones, but for those in recovery, sober holidays can be difficult. While 19.7 million Americans struggle with a substance abuse disorder, addiction, or alcoholism annually, even more, Americans are actively recovering. In fact, 10% …

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Where are Rehab Centers Near Me?

If you are facing a drug addiction problem, then you have probably thought about getting help. Maybe you have delayed due to not knowing where to go or what to expect or what to do. Some people just put it off. However, putting off your health is always a scary prospect. Maybe you’ve wondered—are there …

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Stages of Addiction

Addiction is a chronic and progressive disease, with the stages of addiction occurring as soon as within weeks of your first use. Because addiction is a progressive disease, your symptoms will continue to worsen until you get help. Since abusing drugs and alcohol puts you at such a high risk of dying from an overdose, …

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