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The Pathological Liar Test

Everybody lies. At one time or another all people have said something that wasn’t true. People might lie to protect another person’s feelings or to get, and stay out of, trouble. Sometimes people tell small lies to avoid conflict, like saying they can’t get a sitter to go out to dinner with a friend when…

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Bipolar Disorder in Men

By: Heather Rolland Bipolar disorder is a serious medical condition requiring treatment. Whether the best option for you is a men’s treatment center, an outpatient clinic, or a combination of psychotherapy, self-help groups, and medication management, treatment is key. There are two types of bipolar disorder: Bipolar I and II. In Bipolar I, manic episodes…

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Best Continuing Care Programs After Addiction Treatment

Choosing to enter a program in a drug treatment center is an important first step in addiction recovery. Organized treatment programs offer a structured multidisciplinary environment designed to address various components of addiction recovery, including emotional and psychological factors, and medical concerns. But when treatment is successfully completed, there is a critical next step during…

Holistic treatment options

Pros and Cons of Using Holistic Treatment for Addiction

In addition to traditional therapies, many addiction treatment facilities are now integrating holistic healing practices into their provision of services. You may be wondering: what does “holistic” mean, exactly? The term is still unfamiliar to many people, because the medical profession in the United States has generally avoided recommending holistic treatment methods — until recently.…