How Parent Involvement Helps Kids in Addiction Recovery

Parents have a powerful influence on their children’s choices, setting the tone for values and behavior. How can a concerned parent help prevent substance abuse and/or help kids in addiction recovery? The National Institutes of Health offers suggestions including early awareness and intervention, family bonding, and supervision of children’s activities.

A Recovering Addict’s Guide to Finding Balance

For a recovering alcoholic or addict, learning to find balance can be particularly challenging. Leading a balanced life means avoiding extreme highs or lows. It also means paying attention to tendencies that many addicts have to focus or obsess too much on one activity, such as exercise or work. When the scales are tipped too …

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Fitting In At AA or NA Meetings

Do you feel like you don’t fit in when you go to meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous? Many people who are newly sober feel uncomfortable at first and resist the idea of going to AA or NA meetings. They may express reasons why they feel they don’t belong and are quick to insist …

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Facing Fears in Addiction Recovery

Getting sober can be a scary experience. In order to live a life that doesn’t include drugs or alcohol, you have to give up the substances that have been giving you at least some degree of relief from the uncomfortable feelings that often happen in life. You may also have to give up habits, such …

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Giving Back in Recovery

When a person is addicted to drugs or alcohol, she is struggling with a disease that makes her very selfish. She lives only to feed her need, and others are often shoved aside. Addicts commit crimes to get drugs. They neglect family. Some are even abusive to those they love. At the very least, addicts …

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