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Repairing Relationships after Addiction

Addiction can be devastating to every aspect of your life. Your addiction may have damaged your career, your education, or even your physical health. More importantly though, your addiction may have broken many of your relationships, interaction you may be depending on now to help you in your sobriety. Depending on how long you were…

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Conquering Obstacles in Recovery

“Energy and persistence conquer all things.” – Benjamin Franklin, American statesman, scientist, philosopher, printer, writer and inventor (1706-1790) When we’re traveling along a road and come upon a roadblock, what do we do? It may be that we failed to exercise sufficient planning to learn whether or not there was any construction going on along…


Low Grade Depression

Most parents are familiar with the term low grade fever. A child who has a slight temperature, not high enough to arouse alarm and yet, not quite normal is described as running a low grade temperature. Dysthymia is a term used by psychologists to describe something similar in terms of mood function. Dysthymia describes a…