Sex Addiction

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Six Little-Known Symptoms of Sex Addiction

Sex addiction comes in many forms. Many people don’t realize that the disease is related to early childhood development and that it becomes progressively worse without treatment. However, a sex addiction treatment program can make a difference. Reach out to Promises Behavioral Health at 844.875.5609 today to learn more about the symptoms of sex addiction. …

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Porn Addiction Harms Teens, Marriages, and Real-Life Encounters

Heavy or compulsive use of pornography can have serious consequences for some consumers. Not only does pornography have real addiction potential, but heavy consumption of pornographic materials can disrupt lives in other ways. Porn addiction harms teens, marriages, and real-life encounters. While not all of the very high percentage of people who view porn on …

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7 Common Addictive Behaviors

Addictive Behaviors It’s not just substances that can be addictive: there are also addictive behaviors. 12 step support programs can be used for both behaviors and substances, but it’s important for you to identify your addictive behavior first. Here are some common examples of these types of behavior. 1. Gambling Addictions Gambling is one of the …

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What is Psychotherapy?

People who have taken the step to detox from a drug or alcohol addiction are to be commended. It requires courage and strength to make the decision to come forward and admit you have a problem, and it takes tremendous dedication and hard work to follow through. However, even after detox is complete, the work …

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How Equine Therapy Can Help Heal Sex Addiction

Experts say that equine therapy and other therapies, like zip-lining and art therapy, can help people recover from sex addiction. How can being on a horse or expressing yourself through art make a difference? Experiential therapies or action therapies can sometimes accelerate healing where other therapies, such as traditional talk therapy, prove less effective. Equine …

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Sex Addiction vs. Sex Crimes

Sexual abuse and harassment is one of the top stories today. It’s being fueled by accusations against men in the public eye ― such as Harvey Weinstein ― and by so many people, men and women, stepping out and saying, “Me too. I was harassed. I was victimized.” But in the sudden explosion of interest …

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Sex Addiction in Men

In today’s society, participating in sexual gratification is widely available and accepted. But when a man is compelled to continually give in to sexual impulses and to treat sex as a method of escaping from the stress of life, he may have a problem with sex addiction. Like other forms of addiction, sex addiction can …

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The Top 10 Movies & TV Shows About Sex Addiction

TV has always been filled with lovable and quirky characters ― like Don Draper of “Mad Men” and “Hank Moody” of Californication ― with sexual interests that border on compulsions. In recent years there have been many portrayals of “sexual addiction treatment” in movies and on television. Sex addiction is a serious condition with many …

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