Cialis and Viagra pills

“Sextacy” Points to Broader Problem of Street Drug Formulations

Heavily-marketed prescription drugs to treat sexual dysfunction are becoming part of dangerous street-drug combinations, such as Viagra and Ecstasy, to form a drug nicknamed “sextacy.” This trend, among others, points to increasing overall abuse of prescription drugs – and that even the most unlikely of medications can see street circulation. It also reflects a growing…


Learning How to Trust Yourself Again

Starting out your new life in recovery involves taking chances, making decisions that can be life-altering, trying out healthier behaviors and working the 12-steps to firmly ground yourself in sobriety. It’s an incredible undertaking, a journey that, according to recovery experts, is ongoing. You’re never done with recovery. You are, as they say, in it…


The Origin of Addiction

The addiction to illicit substances such as drugs and alcohol can be a life-threatening disease. There is no cap to the age of people who abuse illegal substances as it can range from young adolescents to the elderly. With the number of drug and alcohol abusers continuing to rise among Americans, it becomes a curiosity…