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people with hands in the air representing safety at rave parties

Rave Parties: Safety Precautions

Rave parties are known for loud, thumping music, vibrant light shows, and the eccentric costumes they inspire. However, there’s another side to rave parties that can have catastrophic effects on concert-goers: illicit drugs. If you’re planning on attending a rave party, know the lingo, behaviors, and hazards to watch out for. Recovering addicts may not …

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Are E-Cigarettes a Gateway to Cocaine?

E-cigarettes are powered devices that deliver a nicotine-containing aerosol mist into the lungs. While proponents of these devices point to their potential for reducing the risks associated with consuming nicotine-containing cigarette smoke, critics point to a range of possible problems stemming from their use. In a report published in September 2014 in The New England …

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girl overcoming ocd in high school

OCD in High School

“Oh, I’m so OCD.” It’s become a common expression, exclaimed by someone who is a bit overly tidy or who likes to eat their candies by color. Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is, in actuality, a serious condition that causes immense, almost unbearable unrest and discomfort in individuals who struggle with it. It is relatively common, with …

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Dealing with Anxiety During A Pandemic

For many people in America, anxiety is at an all-time high. This is a period of uncertainty. The last pandemic was one hundred years ago. This is something we have never experienced before, and that creates fear. Stock market concerns, empty supermarket shelves, fear of job loss, and many other issues add to fear of …

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Common Reasons Teens Abuse Alcohol or Drugs

The teen years are often considered the most difficult period of a person’s life. After all, how often do you hear anyone over the age of 30 wistfully say, “Oh, to be 15 again…”? Probably never. It’s a vulnerable time of life as teens attempt to navigate the precarious bridge between childhood and adulthood. And …

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Is My Loved One Struggling with Depression?

Symptoms can appear slowly over time or develop suddenly. When you have depression, symptoms impact how you think, feel, and act. Depression causes prolonged periods of sadness that don’t get better with time. Depression can occur after experiencing a negative event, like the death of a loved one, but the exact cause isn’t known. If …

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Statistics on Teen Substance Abuse

Addiction is a chronic and progressive disease that doesn’t discriminate. Anyone, regardless of age, race, background, or gender, can develop a substance abuse disorder. While certain factors can increase your risk of developing an addiction, such as having a close family member with a substance abuse disorder, there is no known reason why only some …

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Social Media, Teens, and Substance Abuse

Social media is big for teens. It’s a major way in which they interact with each other, and it can be positive. There are many downsides to social media use too, as many parents know, and substance abuse and mental health issues are two very important ones. Social media use can become obsessive in some …

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How to Help Your Teen Avoid Drugs

The Mayo Clinic staff posted the following article on teen drug abuse: Many teens experiment with drugs, putting their health and safety at risk—but teen drug abuse isn’t inevitable. You can help prevent teen drug abuse by talking to your teen about the consequences of using drugs and the importance of making healthy choices. Know …

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