hand holding leaf considering is marijuana a gateway drug

Is Marijuana a Gateway Drug?

Is marijuana a gateway drug? Marijuana is a natural substance from the Cannaceae family and contains the psychoactive ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC for short. It creates a short-term euphoric effect along with longer-lasting pain relief and mood-enhancing properties. For some people, smoking marijuana can lead to other drugs if they are not getting the help …

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man suffering the effects of alcohol

Physiological Effects of Alcohol

Alcohol has both physiological and psychological effects. One of the things that can help greatly with dealing with long-term psychological effects is an EMDR therapy program. The physiological effects of alcohol often require a medical doctor if they continue for too long. The physiological effects of alcohol fall into both short-term and long-term categories. Just a …

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depression and social life are closely linked

Depression has a Negative Impact on Your Social Life

For those suffering from depression, the basics in life, like having a simple conversation, can be difficult. It’s a catch 22: you’re depressed so you don’t feel like making the effort to put yourself out there and be social. But, being introverted and anti-social can make you feel closed-off and rejected, which fuels your depression. …

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woman thinking about an opiate overdose

Opiate Overdose Timeline

With drug overdose continuing to take a significant toll on human life around the world, it’s important to understand vital concepts like the opiate overdose timeline. Being able to do so could make a difference between life and death. If you struggle with addiction, it’s critical to get treatment at an addiction treatment center. Do …

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an example of ocd in the workplace

OCD Presents Unique Challenges in the Workplace

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) disrupts millions of people’s relationships, self-esteem, and home lives each year, but the disorder can also be extremely difficult to manage in the workplace. The patterns and rituals that hallmark the disorder, such as repeatedly checking the door to be sure it’s locked, can negatively affect a person’s job performance and ability …

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