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Addiction – Professionals

a woman and the warning signs of relapse

7 Warning Signs You Are Heading for a Relapse

The sad truth is that many people who try to recover from addiction to alcohol or drugs do not stay in recovery. Although relapse may be common, rarely does it occur without warning. There are usually significant behaviors that can signal that the recovering person is at high risk for relapse. It is critical for …

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why treatment center accreditation matters

CARF Accreditation: What You Need to Know About Rehabs

When you’re looking for addiction rehab, take the time to check into accreditation. The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) is the industry standard. Though not just anyone is likely to claim to offer medically supervised drug detox or dual diagnosis therapy, becoming accredited is not a small or unimportant task. That’s a big …

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a woman doing motivational interview and addiction counseling

Motivational Interviewing and Addiction

As addiction progresses, your substance of choice becomes the biggest priority in your life, which can cause you to neglect your responsibilities and stop pursuing your goals. The major changes to your brain chemistry can also impair your judgment and change your mood. During treatment, motivational interviewing and addiction therapy can help you learn the …

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How to Deal With Executive Burnout

All across America, in companies big and small, executive burnout is on the rise. It should be no surprise, given the frantic, wild economic fluctuations, intense competition, businesses folding left and right, trying to squeeze as much productivity out of every employee as possible and cutting costs – and sometimes corners – just to stay …

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Stages of Addiction

Addiction is a chronic and progressive disease, with the stages of addiction occurring as soon as within weeks of your first use. Because addiction is a progressive disease, your symptoms will continue to worsen until you get help. Since abusing drugs and alcohol puts you at such a high risk of dying from an overdose, …

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Signs of Addiction

Sometimes people use a substance for a while yet remain unsure if they are addicted. Occasionally, when a doctor prescribes narcotic medication, you may worry about becoming addicted. Further, you may even be taking a prescription that isn’t yours. Other people may be doing recreational drugs, yet they’re not sure if they are addicted either. …

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Effects of Xanax on Health

People who suffer from anxiety disorders are sometimes prescribed Xanax to help control symptoms. However, Xanax is an addictive substance that some people have difficulty controlling. In addition, when taking any medication, it’s helpful to understand all the side effects and other implications of taking it. If you are taking Xanax for any reason, you …

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Recognizing & Helping a High-Functioning Addict at Work

High-functioning addicts — a term attributed to people who have substance use disorders yet manage to maintain a job, support a family and sustain busy social lives — often perform well in the workplace while things start progressively spinning out of control in their personal lives. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and …

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Firefighters & Addiction: When the Heroes Need Help

Many firefighters struggle with alcoholism or drug addiction. A 2012 study found that 56% of firefighters reported binge drinking in the past month. Other research shows that 29% of firefighters showed possible or probable signs of problematic alcohol use. There is a good explanation for why so many firefighters drink excessively or become addicted to …

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Length of Addiction Treatment for Physicians: How Much Is Enough?

By Gregory Skipper, MD, Medical Director, Promises Professionals Treatment Program Why do we physicians become addicted? And, once addicted, why are we likely to deny a problem exists and unlikely to seek help … until colleagues or the medical board step in? The answers to these questions are important because they are directly related to …

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