an older woman learning depressed or anxious tips to help you deal with depression and anxiety

Depressed or Anxious? Tips to Help You Deal with Depression and Anxiety

According to Mental Health America, depression affects more than 19 million Americans per year. Depression often co-exists with other conditions such as anxiety. Clearly, depression and anxiety are widespread problems in this country, and anyone who suffers from the conditions understands why. Persons suffering from depression and anxiety are often prescribed medications in conjunction with…

a young girl sad not knowing that childhood pain leads to relationship trauma

How Childhood Pain Leads to Relationship Trauma

People with a history of childhood trauma often carry those issues unconsciously forward into adult relationships. A pattern of childhood neglect, emotional or physical abuse, or a story involving sexual molestation or rape creates difficulties for adults as they attempt to make long-term bonds in committed relationships. It is not uncommon to find such an…

a woman trying to focus on overcoming hopelessness in depression

Overcoming Hopelessness in Depression

“Things will never get better.”  “I’m worthless.”  “I’ll never be happy.” If these statements sound familiar, you may be struggling with depression.  One of the most prevalent psychiatric disorders, depression afflicts nearly 7 million Americans annually. Almost one-third of these cases are classified as severe, and they are the ones in which feelings of hopelessness…

a woman thinking about compulsive shopping in women

Compulsive Shopping in Women

Compulsive shopping, also known as shopping addiction, is an unofficial mental health disorder characterized by shopping or spending behaviors that function in roughly the same ways that alcohol or drug use function in substance addiction. It belongs to a larger of group of unofficial disorders known as behavioral addictions or process addictions. These addictions occur…