Mother and daughter discuss how addiction impacts family

How Addiction Impacts the Family

When it comes to addiction, we often think most about the addict. He is struggling with a chronic illness that is incredibly difficult to treat. He has likely suffered in many ways, including health consequences, financial problems, job loss and/or other impacts on his life. But what about his family? How does addiction impact parents,…

Woman volunteering during recovery

7 Tips for Staying Positive in Recovery

Getting clean and sober is a tremendous accomplishment. It takes time and effort, and sometimes a fair amount of pain and struggle. But over time, the struggle fades and the day-to-day living becomes routine once again—you regain enough trust from your family to go back to functioning in the new normal way. You get your…

woman wondering does drinking generate depression

Which Came First, Drinking or Depression?

Some people choose to drink in order to feel brighter and less inhibited in social settings. But perhaps a greater number choose to drink in order to dull the pain of life’s difficulties. Sometimes this decision to drown sorrows and stress in alcohol becomes a regular way of coping with any frustration or disappointment. That’s…