Male picking up opioids from pharmacist

Who Is Most At Risk for Opioid Abuse?

Opioid use disorder is the official American Psychiatric Association term for all diagnosable cases of addiction to an opioid drug or medication, as well as all diagnosable cases of a non-addicted, destructive pattern of opioid drug or medication abuse. In any given year, some of the people who legitimately hold a prescription for an opioid…

Exercise aerobics class for recovery

Even Sporadic Exercise Helps Reduce Meth Use

Addiction specialists and researchers know that exercise can potentially improve the outcomes of people recovering from an addiction to a substance of abuse. However, past results have indicated that the recovery-related benefits of exercise tend to appear only in people who participate in physical activity on a regular basis. In a study presented in April…

Man sitting on a chair in the middle of nowhere

How Do Meth Addicts Differ From ADHD Drug Abusers?

Methamphetamine and stimulant ADHD medications such as Ritalin and Adderall have a number of chemical similarities, and people affected by serious problems stemming from the use of any of these substances may qualify for diagnosis of a condition called stimulant use disorder. However, according to the results of a study scheduled for publication in May…

Man lighting a candle

Recovery Rituals

The word “ritual” is defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary as: A formal ceremony or series of acts that is always performed in the same way. An act or series of acts done in a particular situation and in the same way each time. Many people relate the term to religious practice and most in recovery have…

Woman whose life changed thanks to addiction recovery

Addiction Recovery: It’ll Change Your Life Forever

Life can be tough. Dysfunctional families, health issues, work problems and relationship difficulties can all impact how you live your life. As a reaction to stress or trauma, psychological disorders can develop, as can a reliance on substances which provide only temporary relief. It’s vital to seek the right treatment and support. It’s also important…