Woman sitting on floor with hands covering head dealing with anxiety

Are You an Avoider? That Can Increase Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are the most common of all mental illnesses in the United States. Nearly 40 million American adults have some form of an anxiety disorder and most of those are women. Why women suffer more with anxiety is not fully understood. Anxiety disorders include panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, phobias, generalized anxiety disorder, and…

teen looking at food disinterested

Eating Disorders May Run in Families

Given that eating disorders are one of the most life-threatening of all mental illnesses, the obvious question is what precipitates the disorder? Some suggest that societal obsession with youth and thinness as the standards of beauty drive fragile females to the brink. Others wonder if something is awry in the family dynamic or if the…

Doctor with hand on patient's shoulder for encouragement

Are “The Promises” for Real?

Most people enter an addiction treatment program for one reason and one reason only. They have suffered painful consequences related to their addiction and they want the agony to stop. Oftentimes they don’t even have a desire to be clean and sober; what they really want is to learn how to “drink like a gentleman,”…

bullying victim shrinking away from bully

Bullies Can Have Lifelong Impact on Their Victims

Social anxiety disorder is a form of medically serious anxiety that triggers a number of disruptive or dysfunctional symptoms in social situations that most people find manageable, harmless, or even pleasurable. Mental health experts also sometimes refer to the condition by the alternate name social phobia. Numerous sources indicate that people who experience bullying during…


The Wear and Tear of Rumination on Mental Health

Negative emotions are emotional states that tend to limit your personal perspective, decrease your ability to think rationally and increase your overall level of mental unease or distress. Current evidence indicates that negative emotional responses to stressful situations can significantly increase your risks for eventually developing a diagnosable case of the serious mental health disorder…

woman with head down on table holding a negative pregnancy test

Can Infertility Lead to Mental Illness?

Infertility is the general term used to describe an inability to conceive a child despite conscious efforts to do so. This inability can stem from reproductive problems in a woman or in a man. Both men and women can develop significant psychological problems as a consequence of infertility, and in turn, some researchers believe that…