Types of Holistic Therapy

When seeking help for substance abuse, you may have encountered an approach called holistic medicine or holistic therapies. If so, you may have been wondering what holistic therapy is and what the types of holistic therapy are. If so, read below for more information about this creative approach to substance abuse. 

What is Holistic Therapy?

Holistic therapy is an approach to traditional therapy that considers the whole person as opposed to just one part or one symptom. Holistic medicine approaches problems by looking at how all the parts of the person work together and treating all of the various parts together. For example, if someone complains of headaches, a holistic doctor would not just treat the physical symptoms of the headache but also look into the person’s emotional issues as well as the individual’s nutritional needs.  Consequently, holistic therapy programs treat the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of a person when there is a problem. When dealing with substance addiction, the same type of thinking is applied. 

Types of Holistic Therapy

There are various types of holistic therapy that doctors and therapists use to help people who are healing from substance abuse. Some of these treatments are as follows: 

By implementing different types of holistic therapy, the person receives a more well-rounded healing approach. Often times, physical problems can trigger desires for drugs just as emotional stress can trigger it too. Some people feel when they are not spiritually connected, they are more prone to giving in to drug use.   By treating the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual parts of a person, the individual will be more able to withstand the challenges of substance abuse.  You can ask your therapist about the different types of holistic therapy they offer so that you are sure to have a personalized plan for your needs. 

Find Therapy to Meet Your Needs Today

Introducing Promises Treatment Center where we offer a wide range of holistic therapy methods and traditional treatment options. Our goal is to customize your treatment plan to ensure you are successful in your goals for sobriety. As a result, we will meet with you for an assessment and discuss your journey to heal and grow. Whether you need detox, intensive outpatient, or residential care, our center is equipped for a variety of situations and lifestyles.  Our facility consists of a group of educated and caring workers who have your best interests at heart to ensure you have a healthy future. Therefore, we offer many holistic therapy techniques and treatment plans that are helpful for those struggling with substance abuse. We work with many substance abuse issues including: 

Don’t let substance abuse ruin your life. Now that you know how these different types of holistic therapy can help you, reach out to a quality rehab program. Contact us at 844.875.5609, and we’ll get you on the road to recovery.

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