Pile of detox pills

Detoxing From Alcohol Without Medication

If you develop an addiction to alcohol, you will need to go through a detoxification period before actively participating in substance treatment. People with moderate or severe drinking problems almost inevitably require some sort of medication during detox in order to cope with the discomforting and potentially dangerous symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. However, in some…

Women painting in art therapy for anxiety disorder

Art Therapy for Anxiety Disorders

Art therapy is a holistic, mind- and heart-engaging practice with a proven track record of success in mental health treatment. Counselors with expertise in this form of therapy often recommend it for people struggling with anxiety disorders, and art therapy for anxiety has helped an impressive number of men, women, adolescents and children regain their…

Female physician working on computer

Physician Burnout: Tips for Achieving Better Work-Life Balance

By Matthew Goldenberg, D.O. Board Certified Psychiatry and Addiction Psychiatry Associate Medical Director, Promises Professionals Treatment Program Why Physician Burnout? For most physicians working in clinical practice today, the hours are long and pressure and demands are high. Doctors must constantly balance maintaining strong connections to patients, their colleagues and the modern pace of the…

Women drawling love yourself as self appreciation

Women and Shame: Replacing Self-Hatred With Self-Appreciation

By Shannon McQuaid, LMFT, LISAC, CDWF, CSAT-C, Executive Director/Clinical Director at Promises Scottsdale Millions of women suffer from shame related to our bodies and physical appearance. We harbor secrets about our perceived shortcomings and we’re triggered at every turn via magazines, movies, social media, family and dominant culture. Cultural ideals of beauty and femininity often…