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a man leans against a window as he considers combining alcohol and ibuprofen

Alcohol and Ibuprofen Can be a Dangerous Mix

For many people, drinking in moderation and using over-the-counter pain medication is just a normal part of life. When done responsibly, there isn’t necessarily an issue with either one of these behaviors. But the problem comes in when alcohol and ibuprofen are used in larger quantities and used together. At that point, they can start …

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Is Alcoholism Hereditary?

Alcoholism is a disease that doesn’t discriminate, meaning that anyone is prone to developing the condition during their lifetime. Alcoholism can also progress rapidly, especially if you are at a higher risk for developing addiction. Certain biological and environmental factors can increase your chances of suffering from alcoholism. But is alcoholism hereditary? Just because alcohol …

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Long Term Effects of Alcohol

Overall, 9.2 million men and 5.3 million women struggle with an alcohol abuse disorder annually, although less than 8% receive help for their drinking problem. The long term effects of alcohol abuse are severe, as alcoholism causes physical dependency and can lead to problems like liver damage and cognitive issues. Alcohol is a commonly used, …

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Signs of an Alcoholic

Sometimes we are not the best judge of our own behavior or condition. Such is the case when it comes to gauging our relationship with alcohol. Going on a weekend bender once or twice a year does not necessarily make you an alcoholic. Going on a bender every weekend and sipping a few throughout the …

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Alcohol and Depression

Problems associated with alcohol and depression are closely correlated. People who suffer from depression may turn to alcohol as a form of self-medication. Long-term use may result in dependency. Every time a person gets depressed, they may reach for the bottle to cope with the symptoms of their condition. Alcohol abuse can, in turn, intensify …

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