The Evolution of a Drug Overdose Infographic

America is in the midst of a serious drug abuse epidemic, with drug overdose deaths on the rise. This infographic traces the astounding growth of the opioid crisis that continues to plague our nation. In 2017, 68 percent of the 70,200 overdose deaths involved an opioid. The following infographic and linked articles provide insights on driving factors in the evolution of this public health crisis – from chronic pain to drug addiction. What often begins with prescription opioid use for pain far too often evolves into misuse and a clinically diagnosable opioid use disorder. Some people who take opioid pain relievers turn to heroin and other illicit drugs when they can no longer obtain legal prescriptions. Moreover, people frequently abuse several prescription and illicit drugs concurrently and drink excessive amounts of alcohol, which further increases the risk of death.

infographic of evolution of drug overdose and statistics

As the infographic indicates, prescription opioids, heroin and fentanyl have been in the spotlight, however, other illicit and prescription drugs are implicated in some of these overdose deaths. These are preventable tragedies. Many people have loved ones suffering through addiction and this puts a human face on these statistics. If you or someone you care for are facing addiction, reach out for help today.