holistic stone cairn on shelf

Complete Healing with Holistic Methods

When guests arrive at The Sundance Center, they enter a space designed to take them through a spiritual journey that fosters healing of their mind, body, and spirit. This holistic approach to healing is a proven method that has achieved astounding results through the years. The counselors at our drug and alcohol addiction center focus…


Adjustment Disorder Gains Respect in DSM-5

Adjustment disorder is a mental health condition that occurs in some people in the aftermath of stressful or traumatic situations. Rather than gradually recuperating from stress or trauma, these individuals develop emotional and/or physical symptoms that disrupt their quality of life for unexpectedly long periods of time. Adjustment disorder is included in a guidebook called…


Coping with Depression Due to Infertility

From the constant barrage of “are you pregnant yet?” to the disappointment of yet another negative pregnancy test, it’s no surprise that many women with fertility issues must also deal with deep feelings of sadness and frustration. In fact, negative feelings are common in those struggling to become or stay pregnant. Sometimes, though, those emotions…