AA Sponsors holding up support sign

How Does an AA Sponsor Help?

So you’re trying out the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) route to sobriety. That’s wonderful, but if might feel a little overwhelming. It may seem like you’re learning a whole new language and culture—so many slogans, acronyms, books to read, meetings to attend, 12 steps to learn and a sponsor to guide you through it all. What’s…

Demonic male face on bath salts

What Are Bath Salts?

For many adults, the term bath salts describes something you add to your bath water to soften your skin. Now, however, the term is taking on an entirely new meaning. Bath salts is the name given to a relatively new and dangerous type of synthetic drug that’s not anywhere near as innocent as its namesake. …


Can Binge Drinking Harm Your Sleep?

Binge drinking is a dangerous, damaging pattern of short-term alcohol consumption that occurs frequently among people above and below the legal age for alcohol intake. Individuals who follow this pattern of consumption significantly increase their risks for a whole host of serious health problems. According to the results of two recent studies conducted on both…


Are You at Risk for an Anxiety Disorder?

Anxiety disorders impact millions of people at some point during their lifetimes.  From excessive worry to extreme avoidance of certain types of social situations, anxiety is distressing and can even be debilitating.  It negatively impacts relationships, damages or derails careers, and often causes self-confidence to plummet.  It can make what should be a happy life…