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Month: January 2020

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Difference Between CBT and DBT

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) are both effective in treating both mental disorders and drug or alcohol addiction. These evidence-based methods include both individual and group therapy led by a licensed treatment specialist. However, there are some differences between CBT and DBT. Ultimately, Dialectical behavioral therapy is a form of cognitive-behavioral therapy. …

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Pets: Natural Stress Relievers

Stress is a major trigger for alcohol and drug abuse, especially among recovering addicts. Even non-dependent drinkers often look to alcohol as a way to “decompress” or “take the edge off,” which ends up leading to even more stress. So finding healthy, positive ways to relieve stress will decrease your chances for relapse as well …

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Avoiding Boredom Can Help You Beat Addiction

What do you do when you’re bored? Most people reach for a book or the remote control or rustle through the cupboards to find a snack, but many people turn to drug and alcohol use to bide the time. When life seems dull and monotonous, drug addicts and alcoholics often start thinking about getting high …

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Avoid Situations Likely to Trigger Alcohol or Drug Use

Making the choice to avoid situations likely to lead you into trouble with alcohol or drug abuse is an excellent one. But it is also easier said than done. What can you really do to keep away from people and places that are filled with temptations and opportunity to fall back into your old ways? …

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Signs Mom Is Drinking

According to the National Institutes of Health, more than one in five women has more than three drinks every time she consumes alcohol. Although women are less likely to drink than men, their lower weight and reduced water content means that they’ll start experiencing problems related to their drinking much sooner. If you suspect that …

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Is Your Partner in Danger of Becoming an Alcoholic?

Casual or social drinking is a common form of behavior, and women involved in serious romantic relationships are generally not concerned if their partners imbibe on occasion, even if they themselves are teetotalers. On the other hand, no woman wants to become involved with a full-blown alcoholic, unless perhaps she has a drinking problem of …

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How Childhood Pain Leads to Relationship Trauma

People with a history of childhood trauma often carry those issues unconsciously forward into adult relationships. A pattern of childhood neglect, emotional or physical abuse, or a story involving sexual molestation or rape creates difficulties for adults as they attempt to make long-term bonds in committed relationships. It is not uncommon to find such an …

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Overcoming Hopelessness in Depression

“Things will never get better.”  “I’m worthless.”  “I’ll never be happy.” If these statements sound familiar, you may be struggling with depression.  One of the most prevalent psychiatric disorders, depression afflicts nearly 7 million Americans annually. Almost one-third of these cases are classified as severe, and they are the ones in which feelings of hopelessness …

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