Silouhete of man with alcoholic neuropathy surrounded with bottles

What Is Alcoholic Neuropathy?

By Nathan Falde Extended periods of heavy drinking can cause alcohol to accumulate in the tissues of the body, unleashing a tidal wave of harmful effects. These include a permanent loss of functioning in the peripheral nervous system, which controls movement, sensation and motor coordination. In medical terms this is known as alcoholic neuropathy, a…

Passing wet drug at party

What Is a Wet Drug?

By Gideon Hoyle You may have heard recently about the phenomenon of “wet” drugs. Public health officials use this term to describe tobacco or marijuana cigarettes dipped in one or both of two substances: the hallucinogenic anesthetic PCP (phencyclidine or “angel dust”) and formaldehyde-based embalming fluid. Consumption of these drugs can have a serious, severe…