What May Help Your Depression Is Counterintuitive

No one seeks out depression. People don’t typically enjoy experiencing sadness, lethargy and hopelessness. It seems perfectly logical to try to avoid these emotions, not embrace them. However, your dislike of depression and efforts to escape it may be what is keeping you stuck in it.

Depression Affects More Than Mood

Depression is a mood disorder, but it never affects a person’s mood alone. Depression is characterized by chronic sadness, low motivation and energy, trouble sleeping and a distinct loss of enjoyment in life. In some instances, depression becomes so severe that a person despairs of life itself and suicide is considered a viable option. But …

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Study: Living Near Green Space Helps Fight Depression

According to the World Health Organization, depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. A new piece of research has investigated the effect our immediate surroundings may be having on this issue, looking at a few hypotheses related to the intuitive idea that we’re generally happier when we’re surrounding by greenery rather than deep in …

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What Causes Depression in Women

Nearly everyone experiences times of feeling down. Sadness that lasts a day or two or even a few days is normal. But when it lasts for two weeks or more, it could be a sign of depression. Depression affects millions of Americans every year. However, though depression affects both women and men, it seems to …

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